Automatic Transmission
For Bicycles

JustRide has developed the first truly automatic bicycle transmission with smooth shifting for an incredible riding experience.

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Just Ride

Simple, Smart Design

JustRide has developed the first truly automatic, multi-speed, bicycle transmission. It delivers the pure, care-free riding experience of a single speed with the efficiency and performance of multi-speed bicycle. With patented planetary gear configuration and a proprietary clutch mechanism, JustRide brings forward uninterrupted, fast and effective shifting under load.

Best in Class In-Hub-Gear

The self contained automatic shifting mechanism 'telepathically' selects the optimal gear ratio at all times so you're always riding comfortably. On top of that, the patented gear change mechanism provides super smooth and immediate gear changes for a truly magical ride.

Built for Electric Drive

By keeping the bicycle motor always in the most efficient sweet spot, the JustRide transmission improves the range and performance of the bicycle. Designed to handle the high torque and extensive use required by electric bicycles, the JustRide hub is the perfect match for an electric drive.

Zero Maintenance

The JustRide hub requires no gear shifters, cables and no routine service throughout it's lifetime- making it truly zero maintenance.

Great Value for Money

JustRide's transmission is designed and engineered to be simple to manufacture and inexpensive to maintain. It's unique features and high-end performance give it great value for cost.

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